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Updated October 17th 2010

eSword 9 Converter is a powerful tool for converting e-Sword 8.0.6 specification adherent modules to e-Sword 9.x modules. My purpose in writing this utility was at first for his own private use, but soon grew into an effort to assist the entire e-Sword community in making it through the e-Sword v9 update with as little pain as possible.


  • Converts all of the allowed types of e-Sword 8.0.6 specification adherent modules.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish with language auto detection.
  • Low system overhead resulting in fast, simple and clean module conversion.
  • No detailed e-Sword module preparation required for use.
  • Normal Mode Module Conversion: In 7 easy steps you can convert that 8.x module you just can’t live without.
  • Batch Mode Module Conversion: Quickly converts all of your 8.x modules, including those in sub-directories.
  • Password Function:  Assists you in converting any 8.x password protected modules you originally created.
  • Fully complaint with the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 specifications.

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows XP; Windows Vista
  • Processor: 400 MHz Pentium or equivalent (Minimum); 1GHz Pentium or equivalent (Recommended)
  • RAM: 96 MB (Minimum); 256 MB (Recommended)
  • Hard Disk: Up to 500 MB of available space may be required
  • Other: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Currently e-Sword 9 Converter will convert the following types of e-Sword 8.0.6 specification adherent modules:

Unconverted e-Sword 8.x modules Converted e-Sword 9.x modules
  • Bible (.bbl)
  • Bible (.bblx)
  • Bible Reading Plan (.brp)
  • Bible Reading Plan (.brpx)
  • Commentary (.cmt)
  • Commentary (.cmtx)
  • Devotional (.dev)
  • Devotional (.devx)
  • Dictionary (.dct)
  • Dictionary (.dctx)
  • Graphics & Maps (.map)
  • Graphics & Maps (.mapx)
  • Harmony (.har)
  • Harmony (.harx)
  • Memory Verses (.mem)
  • Memory Verses (.memx)
  • Overlay (.ovl)
  • Overlay (.ovlx)
  • Prayer Request (.prl)
  • Prayer Request (.prlx)
  • Study Note (.not)
  • Study Note (.notx)
  • Topic Note (.top)
  • Topic Note (.topx)
  • Verse List (.lst)
  • Verse List (.lstx)

e-Sword 9 Converter WILL NOT NOW OR EVER convert the module type: Illustrations (.ill).

Although, e-Sword 9 Converter is a very powerful tool, it must NEVER be used to convert the following types of e-Sword 8.x modules. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the conversion of any of the module types listed below is in direct violation of US law, International law and God’s Law:

  • Never convert any e-Sword 8.x password protected module that you did not originally create or any e-Sword 8.x password protected module that you don’t personally have the explicit permission of the original module creator to convert.
  • Never convert any e-Sword 8.x module that contains copyrighted material.
  • Never convert any e-Sword 8.x Premium module, whether you bought your Premium module from, or another source.  To obtain your new e-Sword 9.x Premium module, please return to the website where you originally purchased your e-Sword 8.x Premium module, and then follow their instructions to receive your new e-Sword 9.x Premium module.

Furthermore, because of any illegal acts that may be involved in the conversion of the above module types. I cannot condone nor support the conversion of any of the above listed module types, or any individual or group that may use e-Sword 9 Converter to do so.

You Too Can Help
If you are fluent in another language besides English or Spanish, you can help out by translating the e-Sword 9 Converter interface or this User Guide into your language.  Or maybe you’re a programmer and think you might like to help further the development e-Sword 9 Converter.  Whatever your case is if you want to help out, email me at [email protected] and let me know that you’re willing to lend a hand for the sake of His Kingdon and the e-Sword community.

If you have problems running e-Sword 9 Converter, please check and be sure that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your computer.  You can also post your question in the Converting e-Sword 8.x User Made Modules To 9.x forum.

If your problems are regarding the conversion of a specific module and the problem is NOT PASSWORD RELATED, please send the report “eSword9Converter.log” produced by e-Sword 9 Converter to me at [email protected]. You can locate this report in the folder where e-Sword 9 Converter is installed.  Also be sure and include the problem module in a compressed format (.zip, .rar) and email both the module and the report to me.

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43 thoughts on “eSword 9 Converter”

  1. Gracias por tener este convertidor del Ingles al Español de todos los modulos agregados al E-sword 8.0 y pasarlos al 9.03, espero poder utilizarlo.

  2. I thought I would try this convertor out with one of the standard files such as kjv.bbl. The program asks for a password. As far as I am aware this file hasn’t got a password. What’s the trick?

  3. @Derek
    the files included with e-Sword, as well as those that are downloadable from are password protected. As such, you will need the password to those files in order to convert them.

  4. Thank you for the work you have done with this program… it worked perfectly, I was able to convert all the modules I had from the older version… once again thank you. God Bless you

  5. Thanks for the nice convertion tool. The only problem I found is that if you have a xxx+ file (with the Strong numbers) the numbers should be prefixed with a “H” (O.T) Version 8.x has 1234. Version 9 got H1234.

  6. @J. Meijer
    The H and G prefixes where added to e-Sword pre version 8. Because this program assumes full version 8 compliant modules it will not correct the prefixes.
    At one time, there was a tool available called Fix Strong’s that would correct this issue for the older modules.

  7. I have been using E-Sword for many years and had progressed to v8. A HD failure and v8 no longer available, caused me to upgrade to v9.03. Over the years, I accumulated many .top files which to the best of my memory, required no passwords to open and use them, in the previous versions of E-Sword. I have downloaded your converter as well as upgraded *.net 3.5. Many of my .top files converted easily to .topx, but I have maybe 50 or so that seem to require a PW (which I never needed B4 and obviously do not have). Any thoughts as to why a PW is now needed? I have no clue where the original sources were this many years later. Thank you for your attention. Ray Larue, VP Engineering, SkyAngel LLC

  8. You can put the source code to read the new files or at least part.
    I need to go to e-sword and some comments are too long, so I want to spend with a custom program. So I need to know the structure of the new files for comments.

  9. Thank you so much for this tool! I was having problems to convert one cmt file with the E-Sword converter and this tool took care of it. Great! Now, I’m finally ready to move completely to the mew version.

  10. Thanks, Clint, for this powerful utility. We are about to post all of the Wycliffe Bible Translators translated New Testaments on the ScriptureEarth website. Along with that I will be including E-Sword modules. This has a huge impact for the minority language groups of the Americas. In addition to their Scriptures for the first time in a Bible Study software, I wanted to give them access to the public domain Spanish e-Sword study resources. Your tool is a huge help. God bless you and the part you are playing for Bible translation in the Americas.

  11. Muchas gracias por el convertidor. Lo necesito básicamente para las gráficas. Encontré un creador y editor de gráficos pero para una version de e-sword anterior a la 9.5.1

  12. Hermano Enrique el autor arriba debajito de la tabla que indica las varias especies de filas que convierte este programa dice que no convierte graficas
    como mapas o Larkin. Quisa el artista los podra crear en 9.X+ para comenzar.

  13. el converter si funciona en graficos y mapas. Lo que no convierte son sermon illustrations.

  14. Just used this utility to convert my study.not and files, which didn’t get picked up by the v9 installation. Very cool. Thank you, Good Ol’ Clint! 🙂

  15. disculpen, todo me funciona pero a la hora de convertir me pide conraseña de la cual nose, el archivo que quiero convertir es la biblia kadosh pero me pide contraseña espero que me ayuden.

  16. how do I use this tool to convert my study notes to the new version. That seems to be the only file that I am having trouble with. I can see the file but in e-sword it is empty. properties shows that there are bites in the file but it shows as empty. I have many notes that I would like to be able to keep, so any help will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,

    D. Anderson

  17. Thanks for this tool, it converted my topic files fine where the tool on the e-sword site didn’t. I am however still stuggling to convert my study files. It seems to be busy converting but doesn’t show the noes when I open E-sword. Any ideas?

  18. I am a Intel Mac User using Crossover to run eSword 9. I have been looking for the compatible top modules for following books: The Book of Enoch, 1Enoch, The Book of Jasher, Book of Jasher, LostBooksofEden, and The Book of Jubilees. I tried downloading your converter but it doesn’t seem to run through Crossover to convert files. Is there a chance that if I provide these older .top files someone can convert them for me?

  19. @GoodOlClint

    I too cannot convert some .top files to .topx, and I know they were not paid for resources, nor were they password protected. I can send you one to check out if you like, just let me know. I wonder if it has to do with e-sword topic locking (I can’t remember what version that came out in or if it was there from the beginning). You can lock a file so that you (or someone else) doesn’t accidentally write over the details, so maybe your program is not allowing the conversion of those type of files. Just a thought.

  20. Hi.. I don’t know where I find this password. I don’t remember this password’s in previous installations… (8.x)

  21. Dear Friends,

    Do you have a file converter to convert from 9 to 8 ? Why ? I found a few great portuguese bible versions for e-Sword version 9, but want to use them on my Windows Mobile/Pocket PC version, which uses only version 8 files.

    Do you have an idea about how to convert bblx files to bbl ??


    Carlos (Brazil)

  22. How can i get the password in order to convert the 8.0 files to 9.0 files successfully

  23. I am getting at least 2 different virus alerts from the downloaded setup file… any thoughts on that?

  24. I was searching the web for scriptural material and came accross some e-books on e-snap. They have a .dtcx and one .bblx file. Asn far as i now these files are free but i do not know how to convert them and then install to e-sword. Can you possably help me.

  25. Thank you so much for such an excellent tool. I used it to convert a module that they dont support anymore: Comentario de Mathew Henry. (spanish Version)

  26. i am trying to convernt the nasb.bbl to bblx and it is asking for the password. Can you please let me know what this is?

    thanks and God Bless

  27. Just installed E-sword 10 on a new Ubuntu 12.04 installation using wine 1.4. Unfortunately I can’t get your converter to work with wine. It installs but won’t run. I have a bunch of modules to convert. Any ideas on getting the converter to work in wine?


  28. Yes… it is 2012, and I found this software now. And it works perfectly with my version 10.0.5 of e-Sword. Thank you so much. God bless you.

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